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Sushi Bracelet
Sushi Bracelet
This is a bracelet to match my most popular sushi necklace. It contains various sushi; nigiri and maki. It also includes pickled ginger and wasabi all made from polymer clay and strung with sterling silver heishe beads and rounds. Please remove this bracelet before doing any activities like washing dishes, playing sports or cleaning the house.

¼ inches long.
Approximately 22 sushi beads included.

Please include your sushi preferences with your order. Some sushi types are too delicate to include on the bracelet (example: crab nigiri), so please ask if you don't see the kind you want here. To request a special kind of sushi not shown here, please send me an email with a description of it. Also, send a link to a picture of the sushi you wish to have, if one is available.
Sushi Bracelet  -  399 $45.00
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