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Biological Textures - Animated, by Elizabeth Nephew
Where can I get it:
You can help me by downloading my custom biological texture/resource pack for Minecraft through Adfly HERE. It can also be found on You can download it from this site right here. Thanks!.
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Featured Skin: Sushi Deluxe Combo 6 Piece - with gari & wasabi 3D!
GapToothGamer on GTGJoint on Youtube GapToothGamer on Youtube
This video was done last year, but I just love GTG's energy and honesty. I will try to make a video that shows the latest update and new textures.
About this texture pack:
I love Minecraft and envisioned a true biological laboratory texture pack experience while I play. This is the embodiment of my dream.
nephco SigCard

NephCO: Steam Card
Where did the idea come from:
I worked for my Boyfriend's (now Husband) Dad in the Yale Medical School helping to make his first website. I always love hanging around helping in the lab, or just watching them work. My Father-in-law always fosters comradery and a family-like atmosphere in all his labs. All the trappings of a biological lab made an impression on me. I wanted to put those memories into Minecraft. I could not find a true scientific resource pack that was up to my standards. NephCOLaboratories Cuttlefish I am also influenced by what my son wants in a custom texture pack. He helps me decide how far to change the style or any number of other factors. He also demanded some particular items be changed for his edification.
What makes us unique:
With my classical art background and computer graphics career, I think I came up with some very unique textures. I wanted it to be understandable for any Minecraft player, yet create a unique experience with a hint of realism. I included some of my own paintings in the texture pack. I just love seeing them in all sorts of media. It is like putting a part of me in Minecraft.

I am located in SE, Pennsylvania, USA.

I have really enjoyed making this texture pack. I am originally from the Pacific Northwest, so I put in my favorite trees, mushrooms and ferns from home. I plan to change all the item and files in it eventually, but I am releasing this beta version right now. I hope that there are players out there that like it.
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