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Lego Black 1x2 Bracelet
Lego Translucent 1x2 Bracelet
This is my first lego jewelry design. I tried to create a chic design that went beyond toy blocks. It is approximately 7 ¼" long (can be made to a custom size). The transparent 1x2 lego plates are connected by sterling silver rings and a sterling silver clasp. Dangling from the end is a aqua blue translucent 1x1 stud round plate.

¼" long
the 1x2 stud plates are 5/8" x 5/16" inches each (16mm x 8mm), and the aqua stud plate is 8mm in diameter.

Please include your wrist size requirements.
Lego 1x2 Black - 127142 $30.00

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Lego 1x2 Translucent Bracelet
Lego 1x2 Black Bracelet
Click on image for even closer look
Detail of translucent 1x2 lego bracelet

Detail of translucent 1x2 lego bracelet on my wrist
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