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NephCO is a collaboration between Elizabeth Nephew and her husband Avrum Cohen. Elizabeth is a web site and graphic designer and Avrum is a programmer. They both received their Master of Fine Arts degrees in painting from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Avrum is both a design and programming authority.

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Clearview Triangle

Clearview Triangle
Quilting Books, Tools & Workshops by Sara Nephew - inventor of the Clearview Triangle 60º speed piecing ruler.

Clearview Triangle is my Mother Sara's business. She has been a great inspiration for me. I have learned a lot about business and life from her's. She is my main source for business advice and helped me start my own web site design and development business. She spent several years selling her custom designed gold, silver and enamel jewelry at art shows and festivals. Now she is a internationally renowned quilting instructor and designer with more than 13 books to her name.

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